Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings and Modular Construction

Why Build Modular? 

M odular structures can be a preferred commercial building technology for virtually all market segments. From the convenience store and coffee bar, through to multi story hotels and dormitories, there are significant cost and quality benefits for the customer. Modular technology brings a great deal of flexibility to a diverse type of projects, through the use of completed modules or modular panelized systems for buildings requiring higher roof profiles or longer open space spans. Modular construction is becoming the preferred method of construction for large multi-story facilities with repeatable interior design criteria such as hotels, medical centers, office complexes, or dormitories.

USModular, Inc.builds commercial buildings that last, and that starts with listening to your needs. From Modular Apartment Buildings to retail space and affordable housing, we can build to your specific needs and location.

Because the process of modular construction takes place year-round in climate-controlled facilities in California, we’re able to deliver your structure in a matter of weeks, not months, so you can enjoy quicker revenues. In fact, we deliver your project nearly complete and ready for occupancy 30% to 50% faster than conventional building processes allow.

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