ENCINITAS (NEWS 8) – As the state’s affordable housing crisis worsens, the City of Encinitas has launched a bold new initiative to encourage its homeowners to do their part.

It’s an initiative that promises to increase housing density while keeping its neighbors’ character intact.

The plan would streamline the process of building a ‘granny flat’ or ‘accessory dwelling unit’ on a homeowner’s property by offering a series of pre-approved permit-ready designs for everything from a 350 square-foot studio to a 938 square-foot three-bedroom.

“It gives flexibility to our residents to be able to have another space that they can use in a lot of different ways,” said Encinitas mayor, Catherine Blaespear.

The ‘granny flats’ would accommodate grown children who may not be able to afford their own house to older parents who may need assistance or even providing a rental to generate some extra income.

Under the pioneering program, the City of Encinitas would waive its permit fees. Homeowners would also save on having to hire experts and cut down on processing time.

Other cities throughout the county are coming up with their own solutions.

In the City of San Diego, Mayor Kevin Faulconer proposed eliminating building height limits in some communities, scrapping parking requirements and streamlining the approval process for low-income housing.

In Encinitas, the hope is that the number of permit applications for granny flats will soar. Last year, about 60 new units were given the green light.

The city will hold a special meeting on the permit-ready ‘granny flats’ on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at 6 p.m., at Encinitas City Hall.

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