Our Unique “Feasibility Study & Conceptual Budget” Process Gives You Up front Clarity On Total Cost

At US Modular, Inc., we help you take the guess work out of the cost of building your new home. We offer an up front “Feasibility Study & Conceptual Budget”. The purpose of this process is to help you see clearly what your financial investment will be and how feasible your goals are for your budget. One of the many amazing benefits of the modular construction technique is a true cost evaluation can be offered to you with much greater accuracy than traditional, site-build methods. Thanks to the controlled environment for building and streamlined manufacturing process, we help you avoid surprise costs down the road resulting from delays, change orders, and other undisclosed costs other contractors might not be able to tell you up front.

Time Savings Through Modular Construction = Big Cost Savings! Save 10 to 20% Over a Site Built Home!


Modular Construction Saves Money



Without performing a Feasibility Study & Conceptual Budget Analysis, we can’t give you specific pricing. However, we can offer you a starting point to help you understand how pricing works:

US Modular Inc.’s Estimated Construction Costs

The key in building your new home is to make sure that the home you design fits within the price range of the builder type.  You cannot build a custom home at the price of an affordable factory builder.

Some general contractors throw out ballpark pricing that don’t include of many fees when quoting the cost of construction. US Modular, Inc. chooses to be more realistic in our pricing estimate so you have a better feel for the true costs of building a new home.

There are five cost components factored into building a home with Prefabricated Construction:

1. Land/Lots:  Land is the ultimate variable cost. When looking at land, keep in mind that topography, soil conditions and accessibility to utilities will impact the total cost of your home. Real Estate experts know that location and surrounding properties will affect the long term value of your home. Consult a Real Estate professional when purchasing a lot to build your new home.  USModular team is available to give you our opinion about the buildability of the land.

2. Permit/Local Development Fees: Local Building Department Permit and Development fees and local utility department connections fees are variable and are typically based on square footage of your home and the type and location of the utilities. For example, septic vs. sewer; existing water meter vs. new water meter or well; overhead or underground electricity, etc. These variables, as well as the local fee schedules that will be uncovered during the Feasibility Study/Conceptual Budget will allow US Modular, Inc. to provide a more accurate estimate.

3. Home Construction Cost*1 *2:  Average cost per sf or unit includes:  design, fabrication, basic interior and exterior finishes including:  doors, windows, flooring, appliances, composition, shingle roofing, exterior siding, trim and paint. 

Manufactured Homes starting at:  

1*  $75/sf 

Predesigned Modular Homes avg cost per sf:     

*1  $97/sf

Accessory Dwelling Unit starting at:        

$53,000/ADU   $38,600 for installation (Permits, Fees not included. Crane, If needed, extra) 

Custom Single Story Modular Homes starting at:             


Multi-Family Modular Homes starting at:     


*1 Single Family Price based on 1,600 sf single story home, Multifamily based on 1,000 sf units.

*2 Accessory Dwelling Unit: Price base on 398 sf HUD/ADU 

Optional Costs/ upgrades include: Upgraded interior finishes, i.e. tile showers, solid surface counter tops, laminate/engineered hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, volume ceilings. Exterior, finishes, i.e. stucco, tile roofing, solar systems.  Site upgrades include: crane set, garage, landscaping. etc

Link to USM Standard Modular Building Specifications

Link to USM Standard HUD Builders Specifications

Link to USM Standard HUD ADU Builders Specifications

Link to USM Standard ADU Builders Specifications

4.  Site Construction Costs:

Single and multifamily homes starting at:    


ADU starting at;    

$29,975 / Unit

This site construction cost starting at $$ / sf or Unit is for structural engineering, transportation, foundation, install and finish of the home.

Complete grading, civil engineering, structural engineering for site construction, local permits and developmental fee costs as well as accessibility for module delivery can only be determined during our feasibility study and conceptual budget (FSCB) research.   Site Construction  cost  has many variables including soil conditions, accessibility of lot, topography of land, utility locations, type of home you are building, etc. To get a more complete site construction estimate it is best to have us complete our Feasibility Study with a Conceptual Budget (FSCB) that will determine site costs as well as local development permit and fees, home construction costs so you can work with a lender to better understand the complete cost of building your home.

5. Financing/Soft Costs:  US Modular, Inc. works with several lenders who offer land and construction loans that convert to a permanent mortgage when the home is complete. The cost of the loan is a direct expense of your home. The longer it takes to build a home, the more expensive the carrying costs. Soft costs of your current living expenses are another cost to consider as you will be paying a mortgage/rent plus property taxes and interest during construction. The more time we save – the more money you save! Building with Modular Construction typically is 50% faster than building a traditional site built home. The time savings translate into cost savings! The bottom line is all of these dollars come out of your pocket. Have you heard the quote, “Time is money?” When US Modular, Inc. builds your home with Modular Construction, you will save time on design, permits, and building the new home. In many cases the time savings is substantial – saving you from 6 to 12 months of these out of pocket expenses. This time savings translates into cost savings for you! For more information contact US Modular, Inc. at or call 951-679-9907.

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