What are the most popular reasons for building an ADU?

It’s a great space for elderly parents to age in place.

There are many options for living spaces for senior family members: Assisted Living Centers, Retirement homes, nursing homes, or even moving your parents into your own home.

But this is not a one-size-fits-all decision.  Every circumstance is unique, which requires personalized attention. 

A newer option for elder living recently became a lot more accessible for many families in California: Legislation was passed allowing single-family lots to have an Accessory Dwelling Unit built on the property.

The secondary home unit, also known as a granny flat, gives homeowners the option of moving elderly parents into their own spaces on the same property.

How can I help my elderly parents stay at home?

One way you can help your parents stay at home is moving them into a granny flat   on your property.  This way, they have a place to call their own but also have the support of family members, nearby, if needed.

One of the major functions of a granny flat is to bring families closer together in a safe space.  We talked to a company named San Diego Accessory Dwelling Units, who build granny flats in Southern California.

Bill Cavanaugh, one of the founders of the company, explained to us a few of the reasons his team started San Diego Accessory Dwelling Units.

“We started building granny flats because many clients need an adult to be nearby to help with childcare and offset the high cost of living in California.   Moving grandma into spare bedroom doesn’t always give her the space and dignity she deserves.  We created smaller versions of our single family homes that are affordable and take advantage of the new State of California laws that make it easier and less expensive to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit on an individual’s property. .”


Benefits of Caring for an Elderly Parent at Home

Benefits of moving elderly parents into granny flat go further than bringing family closer geographically and emotionally.  Financially, it adds great additional value to your home.

San Diego Accessory Dwelling Units works with clients whose purpose for granny flats is to help senior family members age in place.  Moving elderly parents into their own granny flat also creates the opportunity for added income if the house is eventually rented out.

In addition to the rental income, a granny flat also increases the property value of the home.

Moving elderly parents onto your property helps increase both home equity and emotional ties between family members.

Moving elderly parents into your home and caring for them is an emotional process: It can be very difficult to move an elderly family member out of their house. Many times, leaving a property can feel like leaving part of an identity.

That is why helping maintain your loved one’s independence is so important.  It allows them to keep that unique part of their identity and retain a private space of their own.  

This independence also allows senior family members to create a better quality of life for themselves.  Some research has shown that certain forms of independence are beneficial. 

For example, keeping physically, socially, and emotionally engaged helps seniors retain better cognitive function.

A unique space of their own gives these family members the opportunity to consciously improve these capabilities, while also allowing seniors to be in close proximity with more able-bodied family members

When choosing where to move elderly parents, many factors must be considered. 

We see that moving elderly parents into your home or into their own granny flat is a very viable option for families.

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