Testimonals from our Clients and Partners

Testimonial from NEW Economics for Women

Just out today– please see the following link for an article on NEW’s latest single-family modular construction development in Canoga Park. As we know, the construction and sale of these four homes represents the last of eight single-family infill homes created in Canoga Park supporting our vision of affordability and place-based strategy to live, work, play and thrive in the San Fernando Valley! The article link also contains a link to a video on the installation of our modular homes from the summer of 2019.


This project was brought to life by our Project Manager Cheryl Bates, who led her tireless Real Estate Development Team through this multi-year development! Congratulations to her, and congratulations to US Modular for Bill’s thoughtful quotes in the article, and a BIG THANK YOU to US Modular, Inc.,, our funding partners in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2) National Consortium, and our extraordinary construction lender Boston Private Bank. Finally, our thanks to Councilman Blumenfield’s incredible team for his early support of our real estate development project! 

We perform our work to build economic mobility for women and families, and we are proud to partner with colleagues like the above to enable this difficult but very rewarding and necessary work. Let’s build more together! Thank you all and hoping you are safe and well. 

Alicia Matricardi
General Counsel and Director of Real Estate Development

Testimonial from GAF Materials Corporation

When GAF was fortunate enough to be included in a special project with the Ellen DeGeneres Show to build a home for a deserving family, we knew we had to make sure everything went smoothly. We had an extremely limited amount of time to first demo an existing house and then build a new, custom house, which would all be documented on the most popular daytime TV show. We met with several different builders and contractors, and after talking with the team at US Modular, our confidence was placed solidly with them.

We had about the time that it would take most people to renovate a kitchen to build an entire house. US Modular worked closely with the city to expedite the process and move permits along, all while carefully managing our expectations. They simultaneously worked with us to determine the best floorplans, details, and design to match the look of the neighborhood and the wants of the homeowner.

For months we were in contact all day every day – nights, weekends – to ensure we met the strict deadlines for the TV show. Everyone went above and beyond, including working on including appliances and landscaping, as well as other things beyond the scope of our arrangement. The commitment level of everyone involved was truly impressive. The fact that a beautiful, high quality home was installed was no surprise after working with the US Modular team; I would expect nothing less. I do look forward to a longstanding relationship between GAF and US Modular in the future.

Alyssa Hall
Director of Marketing Communications
1361 Alps Road.
Wayne, NJ 07470
(P) 973-628-3301

Prefab Makes Dream Home Come True

Working with US Modular, Inc. has been a great process so far. Abe Ferreira, the CEO, took our project on himself. He took the time during the Thanksgiving holiday to meet with us on our land and discuss the process with us in detail for over an hour. Abe has been very responsive every time we call with questions and absolutely patient with us during the design phase of building our house. It is a big deal for anybody to take on a project like building a house. It can be very stressful and anxious at times but Abe has been be able to put our minds at ease and reassure us every step of the way. Abe has been an answer to our prayers and we are so excited to start the next step of building our dream home with US Modular!


Matt and Amanda Servant

Testimonial from Randy and Adrienne Trim

We would like to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done to complete our home project. You assisted us when our first contractor left us hanging without much hope of finishing this project, and we cannot thank you enough. Your company even referred us to an attorney that assisted us in saving the large down payment we had made on our modular home when we thought for sure that money would be lost to us. The speed in which you stepped in to assist us is so much appreciated.

Working with your company was amazingly easy. Your staff, namely Jack and Mike were so pleasant and helpful. They kept us informed of any bumps in the road, of which there were very few, and worked quickly to resolve those little problems. They truly are an asset to you.

Todd, it has been a great pleasure working with you. You kept us informed of all that was happening and were patient when waiting for the county and/or utility companies to do what they needed to do, even though it has dragged this project out a little longer than was anticipated. With any project like this, things are bound to come up unexpectedly. Any change orders that had to be done you provided us quickly and fairly. We really appreciate you stepping in with the electrical panels that were not part of the original contract. We were very pleased with the end result.

Please accept our sincerest thanks and gratitude for all you have done. We wish you all the best with your future projects.


Randy and Adrienne Trim

Testimonial from Marcus Conway-New Homeowner

Winner of “12 Days of Giveaways” on The Ellen Show

How does a person thank someone for a life changing gift? How does a person not become so overwhelmed by the enormity of it all and try to get back to a “normal” life? When my family and I left Ellen’s show in January, I kept asking myself “what did we do to deserve such an awesome gift?” My wife Susie and I have grown numb with the question, so much so that we’ve had to put that question aside and came up with another equally daunting one; “How do we pay this gift forward?”

As I told everyone on the night after the reveal, I could thank everyone 1,000 times a day for 1,000 years and it still would not be enough. This house that you built for us is beyond our wildest imaginations. It’s so beautiful. It’s nice for us to be able to have our family over without having to worry about there being enough room for everyone.

We’ve been in the house for a little more than a month now and it still feels like we are on vacation. We still see people driving by, getting a glimpse of the house. It’s like we’re celebrities.

I must tell you that Alyssa Hall was a God send. She was in constant contact with us, either texting or calling. She’s the type of person that once you meet her, you are happy that they are a part of your life. Alyssa answered all of our silly questions, quieted our fears, and was there when we needed her. I feel so fortunate to have had her in our lives.

I will say that at first I was a little apprehensive about the house being built with Off-Site Modular Construction. But then I visited USModular’s website and after talking to Abe Ferreira, one of the Principals at USModular, I felt more at ease. It’s crazy how this house turned out. The house is very open on the inside without losing that warm homey feeling. It’s like you can get lost in the house but don’t mind because it feels like home (I don’t know if I’m really making sense here). The hardwood floors, the windows, the counter tops, are all so much more than we could have wished for. On the outside, they built a porch to die for. Brick accents and a tiled base blend into the landscaping that they did. And to top it off they put in a garage window that overlooks a waterfall/fountain and the wonderful array of flowers and trees. To give you an idea of their attention to detail, when our old house was demolished, one of the foremen found a ring that I had lost. The ring was given to me by my commander after I graduated from the Air Force leadership school and has sentimental value. I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with this house.

My wife and I have always been involved with our community. However we feel that this is not enough, so we will be donating some of our time and energy to a local food bank as a way of giving back. Please let everyone know that you have changed all of our lives and we will always have you and yours in our prayers.


Marcus Conway and family

Testimonial from John & Badry Roshan

Dear Todd & Abe,

Building my new dream home on a difficult and a challenging site, was a real problem for me and my wife, until we came across USModular Inc, from the word “go” we were dealing with a team of forward thinking, motivated and a professional team.

Being a pilot employed overseas there are additional issues associated with keeping tab on all the progress associated with building a new home, therefore in absence of personal presence on site, we needed absolutely confidence with an organisation that was willing to take on the task of fulfilling our dream, without having to deal with the dreaded experience and horror stories of other families.

Discussions and negotiations about our project with USModular has assured us of the delivery of the quality and given us a peace of mind to go ahead with the construction in full confidence of the final outcome.  

Abe & Todd and their entire team have always made themselves available for consultations and explanation as and when required, this has given us a lot of confidence in the building process and our choice of choosing USModular to handle our dream project.

To date we have been very satisfied with ideas, budget, plans and projected development dates and we are certain that Abe, Todd and the rest of the team will continue with their professional dedication to execute the project on time, on cost and as planned.

At the present time we would not hesitate in recommending USModular to any prospective dream home builder.  

John & Badry Roshan

Testimonial from John Doyle | Red Bridge Partners


It was great meeting you at the tour and thank you for taking extra time to share your insights. 

Beer on me anytime you find yourself in San Diego. 

Wish you the very best! 

Thank you, 

John Doyle | Red Bridge Partners

Testimonial from Victoria and Chris Turley

Hi Misty,

Thank you and the team for the tour today it was a great opportunity to see first hand the amazing work you all do!

We will definitely be in touch and would like to speak more about some specific floor plans and options to do a build project soon. 

Thank you again,

Victoria and Chris Turley

Testimonial from Christine Wallace

USModular Receives High Praise From Owner
Before Construction!

Dear Cierra,

USModular loves happy clients! This proves we are doing a great job and the Homeowner is pleased with our work. The goal of USModular, Inc. is to be an advocate for our clients in every phase of the project from conceptual design through the construction permit process and construction of the home.

The Wallace Family has worked with the team at USModular to design a very personalized custom home and we are now in the permitting phase. As you will read in the letter The Wallace Family sent to USModular, Inc.; they experienced first-hand the USModular unique approach to Off-Site Modular Building!

Carlsbad, CA

“Building my own custom home has always been a dream of mine, but I never pursued it because I thought
that it would be a long, expensive and stressful process. That was before I heard of USModular, Inc. and
met with Todd Kesseler. I have been so pleased at how relatively easy and stress free this process has been!
Working with Todd has been really easy; he is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, very prompt in his replies and
a genuinely nice guy! Working with Bill Cavanaugh on the design has also been a great experience. Bill has also been really easy to talk to, patient and really helpful in assisting me design the layout, and all the finishes
for my custom home. I always feel like whatever my question or concern, the team at USModular genuinely care
that I am happy with the process and results, and they have made this process really easy!”


Testimonial from Adrienne and Randy Trim

Todd Kesseler

US Modular
140 E. Stetson Ave. #301
Hemet, Ca. 92543

Dear Mr. Kesseler:

We would like to take a moment  to thank you for all that you have done to complete  our home project.   You assisted  us when our first contractor  left us hanging without  much hope of finishing this project,  and we can not thank you enough.  Your company  even referred  us to an attorney that assisted us in saving the large down payment  we had made on our modular  home when we

thought  for sure that money  would be lost to us. The speed with which you stepped in to assist us is so much appreciated.

Working with your company was amazingly  easy.  Your staff, namely Jack and Mike were so pleasant  and helpful.   They kept us informed  of any bumps in the road, of which there were very few, and worked  quickly to resolve  those little problems.   They truly are an asset to you.

Todd, it has been a great pleasure  working  with you.  You kept us informed  of all that was happening  and were patient  when waiting  for the county and/or utility’s to do what they needed to do, even though  it has dragged this project  out a little longer than was anticipated.    With any project like this things are bound to come up unexpectedly.   Any change orders that had to be done you provided  us quickly  and fairly.  We really appreciate you stepping  in with the electrical panels that were not part or our original  contract.  We are very pleased  with the end result.

Please accept our sincerest  Thanks and gratitude for all you have done.  We wish you all the best with your future projects.

Adrienne and Randy Trim

Testimonial from Jack and Joni


US Modular (USM) achieved our dream house.  Recently retired, we wanted a beautiful, spacious and functional home to live out the rest of our lives overlooking San Diego’s Mission Bay.  We were very specific and demanding.  We wanted an environmentally friendly and ADA compliant home that takes full advantage of the Mission Bay view and the San Diego coastal climate.  The wide open floor plan we proposed however entailed connecting large indoor living areas with large outdoor living areas which presented some serious engineering obstacles.  USM graciously offered several cost saving alternatives that we appreciated but they did not achieve the spacious feeling we desired.  At their own expense, USM researched alternative structural materials and engineering designs and came up with a means that accomplished all of our objectives.  We are absolutely thrilled with the final design and look forward to living out the rest of our lives in the dream house we envisioned.

Thank you US Modular.

Jack & Joni

San Diego, CA

Testimonial from Jeri Gregory


Hi Todd,

Thank you for sending Louie today to fix the railing. It looks great now and I appreciate that being finished!

Rob and I want to thank you and everyone who helped on this house build (Bill, Jack, Louie, Mike, Misty, Jaimee, Cierra and hopefully I’m not forgetting anyone). We appreciate all the work put in to accomplish this project and my mother-in-law is all settled in so she appreciates it also.

Once I get a Certificate of Occupancy I will forward you a copy.

Thanks much,
Jeri Lynn
Torrance, CA

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