Modular Multi Family

Modular Multifamily

Modular Construction – can be a big benefit to for multifamily/commercial developers as there should be a significant time saving.  Time is money – and time savings translates to lower carry costs, lower liability and faster revenue. To benefit from modular construction the developer/owner would need to design for modular – as trying to retrofit a site built design for modular typically doesn’t work.   USModular, as a vertical construction multifamily general contracter has modular designers, engineers and a factory to complete the team to ensure a successful modular multifamily project.

Projects that would benefit from Modular Construction are:

Hotels – Marriott and Holiday Inn have embraced modular construction

Student Housing – where time is of the essence and minimal disruption is beneficial

Affordable Housing: Modules built offsite fall outside of prevailing wages which should lead to a cost savings. Simultaneous construction of sight work and modules in factory will help the project get finished faster, leading to more affordable housing to meet the needs of the end-users and save the developer some $$$.

Infill Small Multifamily – Duplex, 3 plex 4 plex, town homes –  These smaller projects are the sweet spot for the USModular team as we have local factories that can build these modules and our crews can handle site construction.   We have many good examples of plans to fit these small infill projects.  Big benefit for modular construction for these projects is time savings as we can complete site work and off-site work (module construction) simultaneously.  When factoring in time, value of $$, faster revenue, less liability and quality – Modular makes sense (and dollars).

Click on link below to see several examples of modular multifamily floor plans

MultiFamily floor plans


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