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Discover why so many homeowners in Southern California have chosen USModular as their prefab home builder. Contact us today for a personal consultation. Looking for financing options? Explore our Financing Your ADU Project page. Let’s get started on building your dream today!

Prefab Home Builder in Southern California: Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about our services as a prefab home builder in Southern California? We’ve answered a few common questions below. Please contact us for additional information.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing a Prefab ADU From USModular?

Prefab ADUs from USModular offer a range of benefits, including quicker construction times, reduced waste, cost-effectiveness and high-quality, durable materials. Our ADUs are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing property, providing a practical and stylish solution for additional living space.

What Types of Prefab Homes in Southern California Do You Build?

We build two types of prefab housing. In addition to being a California ADU builder, USModular specializes in pre-manufactured single-family homes. You can see some of the work we’ve done in our ADU Project Gallery and in our Single-Family Project Gallery.

Can I Customize My ADU To Match My Current Home?

Absolutely! Customization is one of our key strengths. We work closely with you to ensure that your ADU matches the style, color and overall aesthetic of your current home. Our design team is skilled in creating ADUs that complement and enhance your existing property.

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