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Learning About US Modular Inc

We at USModular Inc. are builders of distinctive custom single-family homes, multi-family homes and commercial buildings. We build from single-level to four-story, Ranch Style, Cape Cod, Cabins, Contemporary and Green Environmentally friendly homes. We build multi-family duplexes to condos and townhouses. From apartments to military barracks, dormitories to assisted-living facilities. We build commercial buildings from banks and fast food restaurants to professional offices and church’s, hotels and motels. From single-level to four-stories. We build it faster, better, greener and for less.

Our Mission is to be an industry leader, committed to superior customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, integrity and the teamwork necessary to help our clients build their next projects via state-of-the-art systems-built modular construction technology.


Faster, Better, Greener & for Less

USModular has over 70 years of combined experience in design, general construction and real estate development. We recognized the lack of efficiency in site built construction, from wasted time and material, to being over budget and building a poor quality product. We at USModular utilize state of the art factory technologies to solve these construction problems. Eighty years after Henry Ford recognized the benefits of building cars using skilled craftsman, on an assembly line, USModular realized that the same process can benefit home owners, builders and developers to build a home Faster, Better, Greener and for Less.



Whether choosing an existing floor plan, your own floor plan or a custom design  we can design, engineer, permit, build and set your home in as little as 90-120 days!  Factory state-of-the-art equipment allows us to mill, cut, and fabricate assembly components and materials with precision, allowing us to build your home faster while enhancing finished quality. Site preparation and home construction are done simultaneously.



Our homes and buildings are built in a climate controlled factory out of the weather, utilizing state of the art technology and equipment. Inspections at every stage insure the highest quality standards are being met. Modular construction utilizes 30% more material, and can increase the air quality inside your home by limiting exposure to mold and moisture infiltration during the construction period.



We are a US Green Building Council Member and we include as many green building specifications in our projects as will work within our client’s budgetary constraints. Currently you hear “Green” claims applied to every type of product and service so what does “Green Construction” really mean? Simply put, it identifies practices and materials that reduce a home’s burden on the environment. Our homes are designed and engineered to provide a tighter home that wastes less energy.


and…for Less

USModular projects save up to 40% over traditional stick built projects when factoring in costs (direct and indirect) and time, as we have the benefit of purchasing quality materials in bulk, eliminating waste and many labor costs as numerous tasks are completed simultaneously with precision and efficiency. Our entire team at USModular is dedicated to our client’s complete satisfaction. We incorporate each client into the building process through our proactive person-to-person approach, and realize how valuable each client is to our team.


Depend on USModular for your next building project.




Yes! I’m ready to see how modular home building can make building my dream home as fun and exciting as I dreamed it should be!


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