Looking for a place for your elderly parent(s) to live? If you don’t have enough space in your home and don’t want them to go into a nursing home, Accessory Dwelling Units, also known as Granny Flats, are the latest rage.

In the next 10 years, America’s elderly population is said to double. According to AARP surveys, many older people would rather live at home or with family versus elsewhere. I know, in people’s final years, the quality of their lives is key, and MEDCottages do appear to have many pluses.

The look of an Accessory Dwelling Unit reminds me of a guest house—only, with nursing home amenities inside. But, instead of renting it to just anyone, you purchase an ADU for your loved one.

The interior can look like a mini nursing home and is a safe place for your parents to live in case they need you immediately.  This also creates a sense of well being for an aging parent.


Will the cottages ward off family members from visiting their elderly parents in the cottages? Will they think, “Well, my mom is fine—she’s right in the backyard, and the video camera will let me know if something’s wrong”?

Better Than Assisted Living?

My grandmother is 93 and lived with my mother—under the same roof, not an ADU—up until last year. My grandma’s bimonthly falls soon turned into weekly ones, then daily ones. At the same time, my mom had multiple hip surgeries and couldn’t walk or bend down well.

Private nursing care was getting more and more expensive, and my mom eventually chose a nursing home for my grandma. My grandma had been in and out of several (not-so-great ones) over the years, between hospital stays, and the one she’s in now seems like the best in terms of keeping the residents busy with activities (like trivia and afternoon tea and ice cream socials), outings to restaurants, and so forth.

While, yes, one’s aging parents may like the sense of independence the ADU can provide.

For more information on building a California granny flat contact USModular, Inc.




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