Does USModular Construct Small Accessory Homes in Ontario?


What is an Accessory Unit?

An accessory dwelling unit is a small living space or apartment that is build in addition to a primary residential building. These smaller apartment-like units are either fully attached to the main residential building or can be detached. They usually are designed with living area, a full kitchen, at least 1 bedroom, and a bathroom. Accessory units are known as several other names, including “accessory apartment”, “mother-in-law apartment”, “granny flat”, “granny suite”, or “in-law suite”.

What are the Ontario laws around “Granny Flat’ buildings?

In 1986, the state of California put a “granny flat’ law in place. A granny flat refers to a second accessory unit to a residential building. Under Government Code Section 65852. 2 Second Unit Law, the granny flat statute is in place to provide affordable housing in population-dense areas such as Ontario, ease rental housing deficits, increase the property tax base, and bring in extra income to homeowners. A Ontario homeowner may obtain an ordinance to build second-unit housing in a single-family house. They may set specific requirements around restricted parking, unit size, and structural preferences.

Localities have the discretion to consider such things as traffic flow and water and sewer services, however, localities must maintain the intent of second-unit state law, without undue provisions and requirements.

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