How is a USModular Home in Temecula Better than Site Built Homes?


A custom modular new home is far superior to an on-site home build in many ways. Completion time and cost savings are important, but quality is the top item!


Only top quality building materials are used in manufacturing of our custom prefab homes. Our factories order mass volumes of high quality materials directly from the factories and factories.

Climate Control

Building a modular home off site in the manufacturing facility eliminates major delays and issues usually associated with homes constructed on the housing site. Our factories are able to eliminate weather-related defects, including moisture saturation to materials such as lumber, drywall, and insulation. Safe inside our climate-controlled factories, there can be no warping of walls, swelling of doors, or freezing of pipes and plumbing. Our home buyers will not be bothered by weather delays, which guarantees move-in-dates are not unnecessarily extended.

State of the Art Equipment

Our modular factories use sophisticated, high-tech equipment, allowing for custom modular properties in Temecula that are assembled specifically as the home buyers have designed. At USModular, every one of our prefab homes are square, plumb, and level!

Better Built

Our modular homes are assembled to resist the rigors of shipping to the location. Walls, floors, and ceilings are not only secured with nails the same as they are with site-built homes, they are glued, screwed, corner bolted, nailed, and bracketed to ensure nothing moves that shouldnt!
Modular homes have been proven to resist severe weather conditions. Read more about the severe weather in the Temecula area at http://www. usa. com/Temecula-ca-natural-disasters-extremes. htm.

More Material

Our modular properties are assembled with as much as 30% more manufacturing material as compared to a site-built home.

Energy Efficient

First-class engineering and top quality products substantially increase the energy efficiency of our modular homes.
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