How Do I Get Started on Building my New Custom Modular Home in Inglewood?


You’ve done your research, viewed existing floor plans, and decided that you want to take advantage of of all the rewards Modular Home Building has to offer. Congratulations!

Getting Started

Getting started has never been easier. Just call us at 951-679-9907, or email us directly at info@usmodularinc. com.
We’ll ask a few questions about type of building, size of the project, home specifications, but dont worry if you haven’t got the details figured out. We will guide you at any step in the home building process.
Building your new dream home in Inglewood will be a process, one that we hope you will allow us to join you in and help eliminate needless hassle, time, headaches, and costs!

We would love to meet with you and to discuss your specific needs, preferences, and desires for your new custom home or commercial building project in Inglewood, California!
Contact Us Today To Get Started!

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