Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes, and Panelized Homes in Hawthorne, California



Hawthorne is located in the Los Angeles County of California. It is a diversified, emerging residential neighborhood comprised of 84293 people. There are countless home buyers within the Hawthorne distrcit and many residents are looking to build their ultimate home at a custom prefab manufacturer rather than purchasing an existing home.

When it comes time to plan out your perfect home in the Hawthorne area, you will probably think of several questions. Aside from how many bedrooms and restrooms you’d like and which counters to choose, you might find yourself asking things like”What exactly is a Manufactured Home? A Modular Home? A Panelized Home? What is the difference among these kinds of custom prefabricated properties? Is a Manufactured, Modular, or Panelized Home right for what I am looking for? ”

While there are several minor differences between each type of house, the main difference between a manufactured home, a modular home, and a panelized home in Hawthorne is the building code. The type of house that is right for you depends on your needs, location, and financing options.

A Modular Home is held to the regulations of the International Building Code. These types of houses are preassembled to the same code as an on-site home, and as such is considered real property that appreciates and appraises the same as an on-site built home. Modular construction uses the same materials and is held to the same building codes as traditional construction. The difference is that with modular construction, these materials are assembled or built inside a manufacturing facility to control quality and cost.

Think of the cost and quality of a new motorcycle if it were assembled in your driveway by a group of workers often in rainy or snowy conditions. You’ll understand why modular is the superior process for new home construction. Los Angeles County has its own division that controls construction of this type of house, and has guidelines in place that coordinate with the local Hawthorne Building Department.

A Manufactured Home is constructed under a type of code called the Housing and Urban Development code (HUD code). This type of house code is federally regulated and, unlike conventional building codes, calls for the home to be assembled on a permanent locale. This house has a metal frame, is usually constructed in a manufacturing plant, and is shipped in pieces to the permanent framework site. In Hawthorne, this type of house usually warrants a VIN number and is considered personal property. Because of the VIN number and property constraints, these types of houses can often pose a challenge when it comes to financing and can depreciate in value. Of course, there are options for financing available;contact the Hawthorne Housing and Community Investment Department for more details on financing for this type of housing.


Panelized homes are, simply put, a sort of ‘kit’ house. The frame of these types of residential buildings are pre-assembled pieces, usually just the exterior walls, that are brought to the location. Once the panelized walls are brought to the location, the rest of the construction, contracting, and work must be completed there. USModular does not build this type of house in Hawthorne, as we do not feel it saves the customer any time, money, or stress.


So there you have it, the main components of Manufactured , Panelized, and Modular houses for the Hawthorne, California area!


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