Panelized Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Modular Homes in Ontario, California



Ontario is located in Los Angeles County in California. It is a diverse, developing residential neighborhood comprised of 156663 people. There are numerous home buyers within the Ontario area and many residents are in the market to build their dream home directly from a custom prefab manufacturer rather than purchasing a previously owned home.

When it comes time to plan out your ultimate home in the Lancaster area, you will probably run into more than a few questions. Aside from how many bedrooms and bath rooms you’d like and which counters to choose, you might find yourself asking things like “What exactly is a Manufactured Home? A Modular Home? A Panelized Home? What is the difference among these types of custom prefabricated houses? Is a Manufactured, Modular, or Panelized Home right for my needs? ”

While there are several minor differences between each type of home, the biggest difference between a manufactured home, a modular home, and a panelized home in Ontario is the building code. The type of home that is right for you depends on your needs, location, and financing options.

A Modular Home is constructed under the regulations of the International Building Code. These types of homes are assembled to the same code as an on-site home, and as such is considered real property that appreciates and appraises the same as an on-site built home. Modular construction uses the same materials and is constructed under the same building codes as traditional construction. The difference is that with modular construction, these materials are assembled or

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