Is Building my Oxnard Home with Modular Construction Faster than On-Site Construction?


Do you prefer efficiency, quality control, and fast building, with no hindrances due to conditions? If yes, the decision is clear! There are numerous reasons house construction gets postponed with traditional on-site construction, some inevitable and some that can be prevented. These are only a few types of situations that may delay on-site construction, costing you a substantial length of time and money.


The most common reason for building hindrances is weather. Even though the weather in Oxnard is usually fair, and there isn’t much concern about freezing temperatures,

Drying Time

An additional reason for schedule holdups when building a house is the drying or curing process many materials need for on-site building. Many supplies, such as foundation and/or concrete basement walls, calls for significant amounts of curing time before construction can proceed.

Subcontractor No-Shows

It certainly isnt unheard for subcontractors not to ever show up for work on house building sites. There are many often reasonable reasons as to why contractors may be no-shows, but this really does cause a substantial amount of hindrances in the process! What are some of the costs added because of hindrances?

So what are some of the extra costs that are incurred when interruptions, unavoidable or inescapable, occur during on-site new home construction?

Interest Charges

If you took out a construction loan or any other kind of financing, for each and every day that gets postponed, interest is added to the loan. Since Manufactured homes are not subject to many hindrances, you will inevitably save on interest extra costs!

Insurance Costs

For on-site builds, subcontractors liability insurance plans is usually based on a previously established time period. If this length of time gets elongated because of delays, it will be required to extend the insurance costs. Since custom modular homes do not require on-site builds, the extra costs of insurance delays are significantly reduced!

Equipment Rental costs

For an on-site house build, it will be required to lease portable toilets, equipment, etc. for the on-site workers. Every day that is added because of delays incurs even more extra costs to your budget.

Modular houses offer the customization and financing available for on-site home builds, but eliminate the trouble, headaches, and hindrances that cost you time and money. With modular homes built in Oxnard, building your ultimate home is never delayed by unpredictable weather, subcontractor no-shows, missing or stolen supplies, and many other hindrances that are a common occurrence on standard building sites.

With custom modular houses, your fully customized modern house travels to a local Oxnard workstation, where building trades are represented. US Modular has a 2 tiers of quality assurances checks. First, in-plant inspectors check every inch of the house then independent inspection agencies inspect the home on behalf of the state of California and the Oxnard government.

By utilizing top quality engineering and the latest modular building techniques, USModular is able to significantly increase the energy efficiency of your house. Our unique quality control process provides you with complete, 100% assurance guarantee that your house has been thoroughly inspected for code compliances, top quality workmanship, and perfection.

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