Can USModular Help with Financing a Custom Modular Home in Hawthorne?


Yes! USModular has established relationships and partnerships with competitive lending institutions that specialize in the in the custom modular home construction industry. These trusted banks offer many different types of loans, from construction loans to permanent and mortgage loans.

USModular lending institutions can offer fantastic financing for modular house projects in the local Hawthorne area. Financing options are available for:

  • Vacation homes
  • Stated income for self-employed
  • Competitive rates for new modular homes
  • Loan terms up to 30 years
  • Construction to permanent loans (mortgages)
  • Competitive rates for new modular homes

USModular works with banks that realize and appreciate the time savings and quality provided to homeowners. These lending institutions observe our efficient time schedule and will work just as efficiently to get your new modular home project completed punctually!

Are There Differences Between a Construction Loan and a Mortgage?

A construction loan is a loan in which the funds are used to fund construction of a home, Commercial building, or other building type. The repayment term is generally based on circumstances that can only occur when the project is being built.

Because of these conditions, certain features of the loans are subject to rigorous monitoring and more specific terms to ensure the project is completed so repayment can begin. Generally speaking, construction loans are meant to be short term.

A mortgage is a long term loan set up under a period of 15 – 30 years that calls for monthly payments. A mortgage is made up of collateral, loan principal and interest, and property taxes. The house itself is used as collateral in a mortgage.

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