Do I Need to Hire A Site Contractor to Complete My Custom Modular Home in Hawthorne?


What Is The Purpose of a Site Contractor in Hawthorne?

A site contractor is a contractor hired for a building project to regulate all aspects of a construction project, including but not limited to:

  • Supervising Subcontractors
  • Obtaining Building Permits
  • Scheduling Necessary Inspections
  • Securing Property
  • Providing On Site Temporary Utilities
  • Providing Site Engineering
  • Disposing of Construction Waste
  • Hiring Subcontractors
  • Many Other Day To Day Tasks

Most on-site house builds require a site contractor to subcontract the labor necessary for the home build, manage the whole building plan, obtain all permits and licenses, prepare the foundation, and complete many other day-to-day tasks that are a required part of on-site home builds.

Do Modular Builds Usually Require A Contractor in Hawthorne?

Usually, modular manufacturers provide the home buyer with the home out of the factory and the rest is up to a site contractor that has been hired. As the home buyer, it is your responsibility to screen and hire site contractors to regulate the remaining building steps, costing you time and additional extra costs. USModular, however, is different from those other builders. In addition to a modular manufacturer, we are also a full service general contractor! We can handle every step in the process of building your house in Hawthorne.

From permitting to utility installation, construction of foundation to engineering, we cover all the steps from beginning to end. We offer our home buyers a full service, experienced on-site team to plan, coordinate, oversee, and complete your entire housing project for you. You won’t ever need to worry about unexpected cost increases or incorrect permitting by the local contractors. We will take care of it all. At USModular, we guarantee pricing and expertise from .

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