Do USModular Homes in Inglewood Offer a Warranty or Workmanship Guarantee?


At USModular, can proudly and confidently stand behind all of modular homes. You can expect guarantees/warranties in the Inglewood area. We also offer additional coverage for those who want it. A structural warranty is a contract arranged by the home builder or manufacturer to adhere to the guidelines governed at the state of California’s and federal governments levels. A home warranty normally covers appliances and equipment within the home, such as electrical systems, dishwashers, and plumbing systems that could possibly fail due to normal wear and tear.

Does USModular Offer a Warranty or Workmanship Guarantee?

Yes, each and every one of USModular’s customized residential buildings holds a 1-year limited builder’s warranty in addition to a 10-year structural warranty. The 10-year structural warranty covers 10 years of structural deficiency coverage which begins when the project is fully closed and complete or when the buyer moves in, whichever comes first.

A structural defect is any tangible damage to the home’s specified load-bearing elements. Any and all damage caused by failure that affects the home’s load-bearing intention to the extent that the home becomes hazardous, contaminated, or otherwise unlivable is under full coverage.


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