Does a USModular Home in Temecula Offer a Warranty?


At USModular, we stand behind all the work we do, proudly and confidently. We offer guarantees/warranties in the Temecula area, as well as the option for additional coverage. A structural warranty is a contract offered by the home builder or manufacturer in accordance with the guidelines set at the state of California’s and federal governments levels. A home warranty usually covers equipment and appliances that are within the house, such as dishwashers, plumbing systems, and electrical systems that commonly fail due to normal wear and tear.

Does USModular Offer a Warranty?

Yes, every one of USModular’s dream properties carries a 1-year limited builder’s warranty as well as a 10-year structural warranty. The 10-year structural warranty provides 10 years of structural defect coverage that begins when the buyer moves in or when the project is fully closed and complete, whichever comes first.

A structural defect is any physical damage to the home’s authorized load-bearing components. Any damage caused by failure that distresses the home’s load-bearing objective to the extent that the home becomes unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise unlivable is covered.


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