Manufactured Homes in San Diego, CA

Formerly referred to as mobile homes, modern manufactured homes in San Diego, CA have many more options than in past years when the original mobile homes which were constructed in a factory and brought to locations for the GIs returning home from World War II. Manufactured homes of today are still built in a factory, but these are now high tech completely climate controlled environments, and today’s Manufactured Homes are built as well as conventional stick-built homes. They can range in size from as little as 640 to 2640 square feet and more. They are available in non, partial, or full finished drywall with a full range of exterior, interior, window flooring and appliance options. Even Cathedral ceilings, gourmet kitchens and elegant baths can be built. Two stories are available for those long, skinny lots by the beach or tree filled lots in the mountains.Manufactured homes in San Diego, CA conform to the U.S. government’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, otherwise known as HUD code. The HUD code requires manufactured homes to be built on a steel chassis, which is non-removable. They are transported to the building site on their own wheels, in one or two sections depending on the width of the home, and joined by construction professionals. They can be placed on a permanent foundation if desired. Manufactured homes are typically built for Mobile Home Parks – but can be also placed on private property.

What sets a USModular manufactured home in San Diego, CA apart from other home dealers?

  • 2nd generation Manufactured Home builder with over 70 combined years of experience of building design experience producing top quality products at discounted prices.
  • Personalized service from trained manufactured home representatives who will respond to your inquiry, discuss your needs, and price a manufactured home to your specifications.
  • Our manufactured homes are built in a controlled factory environment protected from rain, sleet, snow. Efficient scheduling and delivery of manufactured homes to reduce delivery costs and building delays to save you money.
  • Our manufactured homes and modular homes are 100% made in the USA using only the highest grade home building materials to ensure the best quality and workmanship available.
  • USModular works with top engineers in San Diego, CA, designers and factories to ensure your Manufactured Home meets yours and our standards of excellence at a fair price.

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    Manufactured Homes San Diego, CA

    First of all, a manufactured home is not a mobile home. In fact, there have been no mobile homes built in 40 years. Say what? That’s right. On July 15, 1976 a law passed by the U.S Congress titled The Federal Construction and Safety Standard Act, administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), was implemented. According to Manufactured Homes industry website The HUD Code regulates manufactured home design and construction, strength and durability, fire resistance, wind safety, energy efficiency, and overall quality. The HUD Code also sets performance standards for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and thermal and electrical systems. That means manufactured homes are the only form of housing subject to a federally mandated national building code!

    Finding Quality Affordable Housing in San Diego with Manufactured Homes

    Finding quality affordable housing in San Diego, CA is becoming more and more difficult. Today’s modern manufactured home is a viable solution to the uniquely American dream of quality homeownership. Manufactured home producers offer a wide selection of floor plans, models, sizes, and customizing options to fit a homebuyer’s budget, taste, and lifestyle. A new manufactured home will be built with quality, features, and amenities equal and often superior to a comparable site-built home with a price typically between 25% to 50% less. Modular home shoppers may not be aware that HUD Code manufactured home producers are also the largest builders and sellers of IRC modular homes in North America, by a huge margin.

  • This AMBER COVE K715-CT is a well designed family home with lots of space throughout. Open large elegant kitchen, living room and dining area. Luxurious master suite privately located away from guest bedrooms. This beautiful home is available as a modular home built to the IRC code or as a traditional manufactured home. 

  • San Diego, CA Manufactured Homes Facts You Should Know:
What is a Ranch style manufactured home or modular home?

Ranch Homes are one story homes that are rectangular in shape and typically wider than they are deep.  The exterior is modest with minimal ornamentation and fuses Modernist and American Western period styles. This is the most common style for modular homes and represents over 60% of all modular homes produced and over 90% of manufactured homes built in 2015.

What is a Cape Cod style manufactured home or modular home?

A Cape Cod is a design style originating from 17th century New England. It has a low, broad frame with a moderately steep pitched roof, end gables, and oversized chimneys.  They are generally a story and a half high and have minimal exterior ornamentation.  Cape Cod homes are available from selected modular home manufacturers and found predominantly in the Northeastern Unites States. Nationally, Cape Cod Homes represent less than 15% of the modular home and manufactured home industry.

What is a Colonial style modular home?

The colonial building style is based off the common architecture of the American Colonial period between the 16th and 19th centuries.  This style typically includes steep roofs , rich exterior ornamentations, central chimneys, and double hipped roofs.  Colonial Homes are available from a limited number of modular home and manufactured home builders and found predominantly in the American Southeast.  Colonial Homes represent less than 10% of the modular home and manufactured home industry.

What is a Contemporary style modular home?

The Contemporary style represents what is literally being created right now, so technically, the Contemporary style is always changing.  Because of the rapid change in this type of style, the results can be an eclectic range of designs.  However, for the purpose of modular and manufactured homes, we’ll define it as the latest in modern architecture.  Contemporary styled homes result in less than 12% off all homes produced; however, they are the largest growing style segment in the prefabricated housing sector.

What are modular home Mansions?

A Mansion is a large, impressive home that has many rooms to accommodate multiple leisure activities.  In traditional stick built construction, it designates a home that is usually larger than 7,000 square feet. However, in modular and manufactured home construction, it represents a dwelling larger than 5,000 square feet.  This segment represents less than 3% of all modular or manufactured homes constructed in the United States.

What is a Green style modular home?

Green construction refers to a home built with sustainable construction methods and with a strong emphasis on a resource-efficient lifestyle.  All modular homes and manufactured homes adhere to a “green” building process and construction materials.  Within the industry, this term is used to describe a home that exceeds the current green standard by building codes.  Due to  of the energy efficiency of all prefabricated homes, over 99% off all factory-built homes in North America meet environmentally friendly standards.  Due to the Green classification exceeding common green practices, there is no data available to definitively define a percentage.

Green Building is a whole-system approach to building that takes into consideration 7 factors:

  • Lot Design, Preparation and Development
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Operation Maintenance and Homeowner Education
  • Global Impact

Using products that are not harmful to the environment while partnering with other companies that also work to protect the environment. Bottom line is that we are certified and committed to building the very smartest, greenest custom homes on the market.

What are Tiny Homes and Park Models?

A Tiny Home and Park Model are both considered recreational vehicles that are able to be regularly transported, but designed for a more long term placement. Park models must remain under 400 square feet to be considered a recreational vehicle, otherwise they would be classified as a manufactured home.  Park Models are most often built by the same manufacturing companies and even in the same facilities as manufactured homes and modular homes. This allows for Park Models to have a much more residential look and feel than a conventional recreational vehicle specifically a travel trailer or “5th wheel.” On the other hand, due to being classified as an RV, some units can have slide-outs that retract for travel. For the purposes of classification on, a Tiny Home is a residential  structure under 500 square feet.  The Tiny Homes Movement typically expands this definition to any residential structure under 1,000 square feet. Tiny Homes and Park Models represent less than 1% of all prefabricated home construction.

What is a Log Home/Cabin style manufactured home or modular home?

Log Homes and Cabins are defined as a home that is designed with the intent to provide a rustic or natural look and feel.  Artificial and natural log siding can be added to most modular and manufactured homes to provide consumers a more rustic charm if they prefer.  Unfortunately, there is no data for a prefabricated log, log sided, or cabin homes.

What is a Duplex/Multi-Family modular home?

A Duplex is a home divided into two living spaces with separate entrances and no common indoor space.  Multi-Family housing is defined as any residential structure that provides housing to more than one family. Often, multi-family manufacturers specialize in this segment; however, some manufacturers build both single family residences as well as multi-family units.  This would include apartments, man camps, oilfield housing, lodges, townhomes, and hotels.


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