The Faster Timeline of Modular Hawthorne Homes versus Site Built Homes


Can USModular really build my Hawthorne Modular Home faster?

YES! Through our streamlined planning process, regulated building conditions, and ability to prevent setbacks because of weather, we can usually build your new dream home up to 50% of the time of traditional, on-site constructed homes without cutting quality!

Streamlined Planning

USModular can complete your customized home faster because we guarantee that everything is taken care of before the home goes into the building process. The construction plans are created and ready, permits are in-hand, materials are ordered and in stock, and our workers is ready to begin work immediately. Since our prefabricated homes are not subjected to the extreme Hawthorne heat, rain, and the elements, we can not only eliminate setbacks, but can prevent problems such as warped wood, mold, and weather damages during building!

What is the Normal Timeline for Modular Homes?

The time span needed to build a custom modular home will vary greatly depending on the type and size of the modular house built. Typically, the modular home building process can begin within around 4-20 months after the necessary building permits are obtained. The average modular house can be finished within 21 to 30 days from the time the building permits were obtained.

Within 5 weeks of completion, the custom new home is shipped to the building locale. The prefabricated home is then set into the premade foundation and is completed within 4 to 6 weeks after the relocation date. The complete modular home building process takes about 6 – 9 months, from start to finish.

What is the Usual Timeline for Site Built Homes?

Its very difficult to predict an exact timeline for a site built home. So many setbacks and disruptions can occur because of a number of reasons, and these delays can cause sizable extensions in pre-planned timelines. A site built home may leave stressed home buyers waiting a full year to 18 months for a substandard project to be finished. This overwhelming timeframe can leave you with considerably higher fees you had not previously taken into account!

For more information on how a Modular Home can save you time, frustrations, and money, visit our site!

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