Will There be Hidden Costs and Fees with USModular?


A common annoyance that home builders encounter is the unexpected or unseen fees added when building an on-site home. Many first-time homeowners have a budget they had hoped to stick with, only to discover that there are many costly charges that seem to come up out of nowhere.

Common Hidden Costs for On-Site Home Builds in Hawthorne

  • Permits – there are many Hawthorne permits necessary before on-site building can begin.
  • Perk testing – this measures the rate of water absorption and determines how big of a sand mound and leach field you will require.
  • Surveying: – many Hawthorne builders have to pay a surveyor to map the property lines, set backs from road ways, and any legal right of ways.
  • Internal Customizations – such as appliances, fireplaces, etc.
  • Overages – last minutes changes and unexpected extra costs
  • Utilities – such as electricity used for construction, gas, water, etc.
  • Water treatment systems – usually only a problem with well water

These unseen fees for on-site builds can add up quickly and require you to deviate from your original budget.

Are There Hidden Costs and Fees with USModular?

No! Once we have all the plans and custom home features completed, we conclude a building contract. All the expenses are agreed upon. There will not be any unexpected or unseen fees unless changes are requested.

We understand that building your own home is a huge investment, and every additional penny can add up fast. Planning to build your own home should be exciting and fun, not stressful and costly. By providing you with a full list of your fees in a evident, understandable manner, we are able to save you all the frustrations, time, and money that hidden extra costs can cost you!

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