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Advantages of an Accessory Dwelling Unit in San Diego

An ADU (AKA “companion unit” or “granny flat” or ) is a second small dwelling on the same parcel of land as your single-family house. A prefab home ADU can be up to 1,200 sq ft. Thousands of new ADUs are being built in communities across the US because they’re a minimally disruptive and manageable way to add necessary housing to existing neighborhoods. Here are a few reasons to consider an accessory dwelling unit in San Diego for your property.

  • More Affordable: ADUs generally cost less than other types of housing and make efficient use of existing land.
  • Multigenerational: These compact dwellings serve varying needs that mirror socioeconomic trends in the US. ADUs allow people to age in place or form multigenerational households to ease caregiving responsibilities and costs.
  • Rental Income: Homeowners, given the high cost of buying a house, frequently install ADUs to provide additional rent income to make ends meet.
  • Minimalist Living: The appeal of downsizing and minimalist living is growing, and ADUs allow people to simplify their lives while residing in a neighborhood setting.
  • Increased Property Value: The presence of an ADU often enhances the appeal of a house on the market, and more and more,  ADUs are increasing the appraised value of those properties.
  • Choice of Styles: We build tiny homes and single-family dwellings with up to four bedrooms. Check out our sister site for details on all the home models available for your property.
  • Versatile: Choose the style that best suits your needs and property:
    • Detached stand-alone building
    • Attached to a primary dwelling
    • Junior ADU: A converted space within the main dwelling

How a Prefab ADU in San Diego Is Made

“Prefab” is short for “previously fabricated.” This means it was built in a factory and is reassembled or finished onsite. We’ll develop your prefab ADU in San Diego to completion in our partner factories, transport it to your site and install it to a foundation within 24 hours. Construction of an accessory dwelling unit in San Diego has the advantage of being significantly quicker and more efficient compared to other types of construction. Factory production allows us to use efficient processes and avoid weather delays to complete your project on time and on schedule

As your San Deigo ADU builders, here’s a breakdown of each of the phases of the project that US Modular follows:

Phase 1:  Planning

  • Conduct a site visit to determine setbacks, accessibility, utility location/availability and floor area ratio (FAR).
  • ADU submittal requirements.
  • New construction of ADU that’s Modular (CBC/Local) or Manufactured (HUD/Federal).
  • Develop a conceptual budget for ADU and site construction.
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Phase 2:  Construction Contract

Finalize construction budget and contract.

Phase 3: Plan Design and Submittal

  • Site plan design
  • ADU approval through the state-approved 3rd party and local jurisdiction.
  • Build (fabricate) the ADU at the factory while prepping the onsite construction necessary to meet local ADU requirements, including foundation and utilities.
  • Coordinate with the local building department for inspections.

Phase 4:  Final Inspection

  • Walk through the ADU with the client and make adjustments as needed.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

2023 Laws for Accessory Dwelling Units in San Diego Laws

San Diego is in a housing crisis, both in physical houses and affordability. Accessory dwelling units in San Diego help the housing crisis by providing more homes and lowering the cost of building. That’s because land and utility infrastructure – two of the biggest new home costs – are already in place.

Their popularity has sparked 2023 laws governing ADUs in San Diego:

  • ADUs can be up to 1,200 sq. ft. regardless of the size of the primary dwelling unit as long as you meet setbacks and FAR.
  • Setbacks are reduced to 4′ side and rear yard.
  • The parking requirement for ADUs is waived.
  • No owner occupancy of the primary dwelling unit is required, which is great for investors.
  • 60-day review and approval process by the local building department or considered approved.
  • Waiver of local development fees for accessory dwelling units less than 750 sq. ft.
  • Multifamily homes are eligible for ADU.
  • Fire Sprinklers are ONLY required if the Primary Dwelling Unit has them in place.

ADU Contractor, San Diego: Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve answered some of the common questions we’ve received as an ADU contractor in San Diego. No doubt you’ll have a few more of your own – please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help!

What Is the Cost of an Accessory Dwelling Unit in San Diego?

Many local and site-specific factors determine the cost of building an ADU, including access to the backyard, topography, utility location, sewer or septic, school fees, permits, etc. Our cost to build an ADU presumes we have access to the backyard on a level lot and that the sewer is available within 100 feet of the house. 

The starting cost of USModular’s 398 square foot, one bedroom ADU (Federal Building Code) is $78,000, which includes the ADU, transportation to the site, roll set/installation on a permanent foundation and connection to utilities. The local fees are city or county-specific and generally range from 5-15% of the quoted construction cost. Need financing for your ADU? We can help!

How Many ADUs Can I Build?

If you live on a residential lot, you may build one detached ADU and one junior ADU (which is a unit no more than 500 square feet located within the home). If you reside on a multi-family lot, a maximum of two detached ADUs are permitted on the property.

Why Hire US Modular San Diego ADU Builders?

As San Diego ADU builders, we get asked this question daily. It’s a pretty easy answer for us because we can construct better, faster, greener and for less in a factory. Another important reason to consider prefabricated site construction is site construction time. Site-built projects will take months of daily hammering, sawing, dumpsters and port-o-potties, with 10+ workers walking into the backyard. With prefabricated construction by accessory dwelling unit builders in San Diego, the ADU is factory-built, and we set the unit in the backyard in a single day. Once the ADU is set, we use a small crew to finish work and make the utility connections.

Build a Dream With the Help of US Modular, ADU Contractor in San Diego

Explore the possibilities of expanding your living space with the help of USModular, your ADU contractor in San Diego. Our expert team is here to guide you through every step, turning your vision into reality with solutions that blend seamlessly with San Diego’s unique lifestyle and aesthetics. Let’s get started today!

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