Multi-Generational Los Angeles


This Multi-Generational California modular home located in Los Angeles will be 2,648 sf.  The home features three bedrooms, three baths, a loft and a 624 square foot apartment with one bedroom and one bath located above the garage.

Multi-Generational living is a term describing housing for multiple generations of a family who reside inside one home. But how do people make it work to make sure everyone living in the house has the space they need?  A Multi-Generational home can be considered a “home within a home” – as a typical floor plan may include a separate private suite within a house. Some could say the extra suite is just like a modern day “granny flat” but with so many more amenities. The suite usually has it’s own living room, a kitchenette with a sink, a small fridge and a built-in microwave. Living spaces usually include a large bedroom, private bathroom and even its own washer and dryer. Some Multi-Generational homes even have a second entrance to the private suite.

Bill Cavanaugh, V.P. of USModular, Inc. said his company started building Multi-Generational homes in 2011, because more and more parents were moving in with an adult child. In fact, more than 60 million Americans now live with two or more adult generations in the same home, according to a Pew Research Center study.

The market for Multi-Generational homes continues to grow quickly in several different ways. According to Cavanaugh, Multi-Generational home buyers may comprise of families with parents that need to move in with their adult children to help with costs or child-care. It may also be mature kids coming back from college with a need for a place to stay in the interim. Another example he pointed out could be a disabled child who needs assistance and may require having a private living area.

A main Multi-Generational house can also be designed with the idea that more people will be using it than a typical home. For example, a home equipped with a kitchen table that seats eight or a family room that can comfortably handle a big group. Some are designed with several outdoor areas, so the family can hang out together, or have their own separate space.

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June 7, 2017

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