Valencia Grove-Redlands, CA-9 Unit Building

Valencia Grove is an 86 unit Multi Family Modular apartment project that was built in Redlands, CA. This 105,317 square foot multi-use project built using modular construction consists of 13 prefab apartment buildings and a Community Center set on 11 acres of land formerly occupied by housing built in the 1940’s.

Demand for Multi Family Modular Housing is high and getting to market quickly to meet that demand is a challenge in today’s heated construction market.

Building Multi Family projects using modular construction can:

  • Complete projects quicker
  • Respond to market demands sooner
  • Turn capital with less risk and higher profits for investors
  • Take advantage of factory facilitated dry construction during all seasons
  • Control construction costs
  • Minimize change orders
  • And easily duplicate designs for future projects



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