What are Systems-Built properties in Hawthorne, California?

Vista, CA

Vista, CA

Most people are more familiar with the term modular home than they are with the term systems-built home , yet systems-built, modular, and pre-fab or prefabricated are all terms that describe a house that is customized, built, and completed off-site and is relocated to its permanent foundation site. It is a frequent misconception that having your Hawthorne perfect home constructed on-site is better, cheaper, and more efficient than a prefabricated home that is constructed off-site.

In addition to saving time and money, modular houses tend to be stronger and greener. Even though no home is ever disaster proof, studies have determined that custom modular homes are generally much better at enduring natural disasters and extreme weather conditions that are not uncommon in California.

Why are Modular Homes Better Against Extreme weather conditions?
The above report claimed “Much of the damage to residential structures also resulted from inadequate design, substandard workmanship, and/or misapplication of various building materials. Our prefabricated homes are better at enduring extreme weather conditions for a number of reasons. Many common housing problems are prevented by the careful quality assurance checks that all modular homes must undergo.

Specialized Craftsmanship

Modular houses undergo strict quality control manufacturing regulations. All parts, as well as homes, are factory made. Our builders have all the tools, experience, and training required to complete each part of the home seamlessly and to the same constraints every time.

Number of Inspections

Site built homes in Hawthorne are only need 1 inspection from the state of California and 1 local inspection from the city of Hawthorne after the final stages of construction are completed. This single inspector is liable for inspecting the roofing, plumbing and piping, foundation, insulation, and the rest of the home; prefabricated houses, however, are subject to inspection from the State of California as well as the City of Hawthorne AND an inspection at every step of the building process. This ensures top quality at every step of the manufacturing process, not just at the final stages.

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