Modular construction, alternatively known as pre-engineered or prefab construction, is becoming a popular choice for various sectors across the globe. A lot of modular buildings are present in different parts of the world, whether you look at Mini Sky City, China or Star Apartments, Los Angeles. Thanks to the abundant benefits of this type of construction, it is the preferred choice for constructing different structures and buildings. From smaller facilities to massive buildings, prefab constructions are versatile, reliable, fast, and environment-friendly.

So what are these sectors or industries where you can widely see the use of modular structures? Listed below are just some of them.

Commercial Spaces and Industries

Modular construction is perfect for erecting commercial and industrial structures as the entire process hardly impacts your business functions. If you already have a building and wish to make an addition to it or plan to build a storage space for your business, it can be done without vacating the existing structure. You don’t actually need the land or building for the construction project as all the components or modules are factory-made. It’s only when the modules have to be installed together that you need to vacate the space. If you are looking for a mobile office trailer, modular construction is the solution for that. Modular structures can also provide space for your staff working on a specific project such as near a construction site or at an oil and gas plant. Modular buildings can be custom-made to fit into your exact space and budget requirements. With so many benefits, the modular technique is perfect for building offices, commercial buildings, industries, warehouses, storage spaces, and even related facilities like a garage or car wash.

Medical Facilities

Modular construction is apt for building healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, chemist stores, pathological laboratories, etc. Safety is a major concern when constructing a healthcare facility. Accidents and hazards can be expensive as they involve loss of time and cause delays, damage tools, add to clean-up costs, administrative costs, insurance, and even fines. By opting for modular construction, it is easy to reduce the chances of accidents and hazards. When modules of healthcare facilities are prefabricated in factory settings, away from the actual construction site, there’s hardly any impact caused to the property. In case the medical facility such as a clinic or hospital requires a periodic upgrade to new equipment, wings, wards, floor, and medical technology advances, it is easy with modular construction. Components of new additions such as a wing or floor can also be prefabricated in factories and attached to the existing structure without disturbing medical operations and functions too much.

Educational Institutions

Building complex educational institutions on vast campuses can be hectic and time-consuming. But with modular construction, you can expect the project to get completed quickly and safely. Also, school construction is a tricky process as you need to choose safe and eco-friendly materials that won’t harm children in any way. Modular construction generally utilizes environment-friendly materials such as structural steel and lumber for flooring, roofing, walls, paints, fixtures, and other elements. In simpler words, modular construction is an ideal projects for building schools, colleges, libraries, science laboratories, and other educational institutions.

Hospitality Attractions

The next sector that requires accelerated constructions is hospitality. Modular construction and hospitality facility construction are an ideal match. Look at Canyon Lodge, Yellowstone National Park or Hawthorne Dual-Brand Marriott, California for instances.

Prefabricated construction offers unrivaled flexibility, consistent quality, and rapid assembly – precisely what is required for constructing a hotel or resort. For hotels and resorts, modular solutions can either be full modular (pre-fabricating and installing the entire building), partial modular (some parts of the hotel are fabricated in the factories and then fitted with the rest of the traditionally built structure), and system kits (systems like electrical and plumbing are manufactured off-site and provided in kits). Modular hotels and resorts are built with precision and result in high-quality output. There won’t be any chances of rainwater or melted snow seeping through the ceilings and walls of hotel rooms and giving the guests an undesired experience. In other words, modular hotels are ideal for maintaining quality services and attract more guests.

Residential Properties

While Cormode doesn’t cater to residential requirements, we couldn’t overlook this hugely popular application of modular construction. Just look at the 32-storey luxury apartment building in Brooklyn that became the world’s tallest modular residence. Consisting of 363 individual prefab apartment units, the tower showcases that modular construction can be ideal for residential solutions as well. Mobile and modular homes are becoming cheaper as this technique is an affordable housing solution. The entire process of fabricating a home’s components in controlled settings away from natural calamities and external factors and then assembling them on site is cheaper than the traditional method of construction. Moreover, the use of environment-friendly and even recycled materials make this method an affordable one. Customizable rooms and partitions in those rooms required for any house are easily achievable with this construction technique.

Apart from these, modular construction are also used for erecting religious sites like churches, temporary habitat facilities, security guard cabins, etc.

Modular construction is hardly new. Countless structures and buildings in the world are proof of this. So, if you are planning to opt for the modular technique for your next construction project, then don’t think too much. Just do your research and find the right commercial modular construction company.

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