John Roshan of Chatsworth, California is so happy to have chosen USModular to build his dream home, he wrote us a letter describing his feelings:

“Building my new dream home was difficult and challenging, and a real problem for me and my wife, until we came across USModular Inc.  From the word “go” we were dealing with a team of forward thinking and motivated team players. My profession as a Pilot requires me to work overseas.   There are additional issues associated with keeping tabs on all the progress associated with building a new home. We had heard the dreaded experience and horror stories of other families.  Therefore, in absence of my personal presence on site, we needed absolute confidence in the organization that was willing to take on the task of fulfilling our dream.  Discussions and negotiations about our project with USModular has assured us of the delivery of a quality product and given us the peace of mind to go ahead with the construction in full confidence with the final outcome.  Abe Ferreira & Todd Kesseler and the team at USModular have always made themselves available for consultations and explanation whenever required.  This has given us a great deal of confidence in the building process and our decision to choose USModular to handle our dream project. To date we have been very satisfied with ideas, budget, plans and projected development dates and we are certain that Abe, Todd and the rest of the team will continue with their professional dedication to execute the project on time, on cost, and as planned.  At the present time we would not hesitate in recommending USModular, Inc. to any prospective dream home builder.”  John & Badry Roshan

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