True to their name, Commercial Modular Structures are non-residential structures that are primarily pre-made in a factory and then assembled at their final location. They are assembled on a concrete foundation and form a fully completed commercial building.

In terms of the benefits, producing of the structure at the plant in advance saves construction time. Modular Structures are able to developed and assembled quickly, allowing occupancy and investment returns to happen sooner. Of course, the best return occurs when modular construction happens from the beginning of the building process.

Rest assured, modular construction adheres to all the same material, building and architectural codes as the traditional forms of construction. The sole difference being that it is completed off-site in a controlled environment. Modular construction practices are of even a higher quality standard and more durable.

Modular construction occurs off-site within a controlled environment, materials purchases and usage are able to be an all-time low. Waste is minimized and savings are maximized. In addition to the materials waste savings, on-site disturbances are minimized. On-site construction occurs only during the final phase, which reduces the construction time and impact on the surrounding environment.

Commercial Modular Structures are multi-functional and can provide all types of building spaces – from small to complex, single to multi story and temporary to permanent. Industries such as education, healthcare, office and retail environments, have been turning to modular construction to meet their needs.

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