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MH Advantage Homes: Similar to Site-Built with a Simple Appraisal



MH Advantage ( Manufactured Home Advantage ) program is a new program  created by Fanny Mae that allows for financing of homes similar to site built homes and including down payment as low as 3%,.

MH Advantage Homes should have a lower price and customizable finishes of modern manufactured homes.

MH Advantage homes are built to blend into traditional neighborhoods.

MH Advantage homes are homes built to Federal Building Code that need to include  features like low profile foundation, higher pitch roofs ( 4/12 )  garage or carport, dormers, porch, and drywall throughout the home.

When a home is built to the MH Advantage standards,  a sticker will be applied to the home that identifies the home as a MH Advantage home  and allows Appraisers to  choose the most appropriate comparable sales, which – unlike standard Manufactured  Homes — may include sales of site-built homes.

Confirming the home is eligible for MH Advantage is also easy for lenders: and once confirmed opens up many loan programs

  • The appraiser will include photos of the MH Advantage manufacturer sticker and specific  improvements in the appraisal Like the lower profile foundation higher pitch roof ( typically 4/12) garage/carport and drywall.
  • Lenders only need to confirm those photos are present in the report to know a home is eligible.


Affordable Financing

MH Advantage brings affordable financing to manufactured housing with:

  • A down payment as low as 3%.
  • Waived 0.50% LLPA, which means more homebuyer savings
  • MI coverage comparable to site-built homes


Faster Design/ Approvals and Build

Because MH Advantage homes are typically predesigned and have engineering to the Federal Building Code, homes can be built and permitted in up to 50%-60 % less time that standard site built homes.


Save Time ……Save Money!!!!


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August 26, 2019

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