How Much Can I Really Save Building with Modular Construction in Garden Grove vs. On-Site Building My Custom Home?


It’s a fact that Modular Homes can save you time, energy, and money. The exact dollar amount can differ drastically depending on location. Site costs and market values can vary from town to town , neighborhood to neighborhood, even street to street. USModular has saved our customers up to 25% of site build costs through efficient processes, bulk purchasing of materials, and worker labor costs.

Streamline Processes

USModular specializes in custom modular homes. We have refined our processes and can make the home building process as effective and effortless as possible. We work closely with you to streamline the steps taken in drafting your customized perfect home. Our permitting and building process has been mastered to be as cost-effective as possible, eliminating wasted time and spend.

This allows us to begin your modular home build sooner and get it finished it faster, saving you loan interest, fees, real estate taxes, and construction costs. We offer a unique in-house turn key process that allows for a fixed cost for the entire project, diminishing surprise overages and fees.


By bulk-purchasing and holding a constant inventory of the precise amount of materials needed to complete each custom modular home, USModular is able to eradicate the need for excess material that is often purchased for site-built homes. Through bulk ordering processes, USModular is able to reduce the cost per item significantly and pass the savings onto the customer. When site built home plans order building material, they usually order plenty of material for the completed project and some additional material in case the product is damaged or replacement needs. USModular is able to eliminate this by ordering material in bulk and using only what is needed for the off-site home build, reducing excess materials and thus, excess costs.


While labor costs do differ greatly from home to home, by constructing and customizing the custom modular home off-site, USModular is able to save you on-site labor costs, rental fees, and labor hours.

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