Bakersfield Apartments Case Study

Multi-Family Project Built Using  Off-Site Modular Construction


Project Name: Sierra Star Townhomes
Date of Commencement: October 2006
Date of Completion: June 2007
Location: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Approximate Project Value: $6,000,000
Building Types: Multi-Family Townhomes
Number of Units: 40 Living Units



The Challenge


The apartment housing project had to be fully completed within only 6 months!




The Solution


Speed was a critical factor in the construction process.

Installation of the modular units was managed by on-site installation contractors.

The project was completed on schedule, an incredible 6 month timeframe, saving time and money!



High Quality, High Efficiency, High Speed

The beautiful apartments were completed within the timeframe.


All With Modular Building!

Tenants were able to move into the apartment complex on time, all thanks to modular building techniques!



The Scope Of Work For Bakersfield Apartments


Installation and Assembly

Fast installation of the modular units and efficient assembly on site was a must!

Structural Parts

Structural Connections were installed to ensure a strong and safe structural frame!

Roofing Installation

Complete roofing was accomplished within the needed time frame!

Interior Finishing

Selected interior finishing gave the apartments their warm, inviting feel!

  • Costs Saved 60% 60%
  • Time Saved 70% 70%

Days of Construction

Number of Days Expected

Nothing is Impossible With Modular Construction!


Construction this fast would have been impossible with traditional methods! Learn how modular construction can save you time and money!