Chartwell School Case Study

Commercial Project Built Using  Off-Site Modular Construction


Project Name: Chartwell School

Location: Seaside, CA

Owner: Chartwell School

Building Types: Educational Classroom

Number of Units: 2 Buildings



 The Challenge


Build a school to advance the education of special needs children


Build a school that educated the children that attend on how the structure was built and makes the most of the school’s limited resources


The Solution


Build a high-performance building that optimizes daylight and eliminates natural contrast or glare


Design the structure to require less material and wood, thus reducing costs


Encourage cross ventilation to reduce high heating and cooling costs

Green, Educational, Efficient

Eco-friendly lumbar and open designs allowed for material-saving efficiency


With Modular Building

Modular Construction allowed for energy-efficient, structurally sound classrooms!


The Scope Of Work

Installation and Construction

Draft a high-performance building design to transform the classroom into a teaching tool about modular construction



Assemble the building to have exposed metal frame to reveal the fundamental structure to increase material and cost savings


Use only sustainably grown FSC-certified lumbar for construction

  • Materials Saved 30% 30%
  • School’s Costs Saved 55% 55%

Nothing is Impossible With Modular


This building was the first school in the U.S. to receive a LEED Platinum certification!