Contemporary Home Collection Case Study


Single Family Homes Built Using Off-Site Modular Construction


Project Name: Contemporary Home Collection

Location: California

Building Types: Single Family Homes


Modular Home Highlights


This single-family building is the perfect example of a green built home


It exemplifies the use of Off-Site Modular Construction and green principles applied to the construction process


The Result


Beautifully designed, the building modules arrived with an unfinished exterior that was completed on-site.


Efficiency, Quality, Speed


Modular Construction allows for efficient designs, eco-friendly materials, and high quality modular homes

With Modular Building


Modular construction saves time and money!

The Sustainable, Green Construction Process Includes:

In-Plant Processes

  • Indoor Fabrication of Modular Units
  • Low or no VOC adhesives, paints, and caulks


  • Zoned, not-ducted HVAC Systems

Environmentally Preferable Products

  • Energy Star lighting package
  • High performance Energy Star rated windows
  • Dramatically reduced on-site waste and minimal plant waste
  • Energy Star labeled exhaust fans
  • Recycled program and waste elimination programs used in the plant

 Modular Interior Examples


  • Time Saved 80% 80%
  • Costs Saved 50% 50%

Nothing is Impossible With Modular


Modular building can save you time and money!